Why Ollipop Baby Food Does what it Does!

We are so excited to lend you a hand to better fit your needs as new parents or seasoned parents alike. Here at Ollipop Baby we offer to prepare food for your child’s early development, with organic, locally sourced simple ingredients, including a delivery service so that you can receive your food right to your door. Our goal is to better assist new and seasoned parents to save money and time. We would also like to give every parent an equal opportunity for better nutrition for their child in the early stages of life. 

Offering food with no preservatives and healthier alternatives is our goal. We also believe that it is important to support our local farms and fresh markets. So we have teamed up with local farmers to provide the best start for your baby. All of this with the convenience of door-to-door delivery services for you. We also want to provide to those who are less fortunate by giving a percentage of proceeds to educate parents on nutrition and giving to organizations that help feed children.

Ollipop Baby Food doesn't just want to feed your baby but also wants to create and cultivate a new community of parents that can feel 100% comfortable with what they are putting in their baby’s delicate tummies while still being able to take life by the horns. We want to put the best resources right in your hands while educating parents about the best foods for early development. As business owners and parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find time and energy to worry about your child’s nutrition, or even time to prepare your own child’s food. So we would like to put some ease back into feeding your baby. Ollipop is where it starts. Get a head start on your child’s nutrition. Together we can change the way baby food is done.

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